BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Sacred Mountain / Buck Stienke, Ken Farmer,

Book Cover BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Sacred Mountain
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/ Buck Stienke, Ken Farmer,
Publisher: Timber Creek Press
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ISBN-10: 0984882006
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IF YOU LIKE CLANCY, LARRY BOND, DALE BROWN, CUSSLER, HUNTER and COONTS, THIS BOOK'S FOR YOU. BUCK STIENKE & KEN FARMER'S BLACK EAGLE FORCE Black Eagle Force - A group of patriotic, heroic men and women--elite former military Special Op experts and crack pilots who protect American interests and fight evil wherever it exists. They are the Black Eagle Force. President Annette Henry Thompson, the first woman president of the United States has been kidnapped by Mexican and al Qaeda terrorists. Secretary of Defense Baker tasks Dare Phillips and the Black Eagle Force to go deep into the southern Sierra Madre Mountains to effect her rescue. The BEF is in the air within thirty minutes of the abduction with their giant C-5M airborne battle carrier, four Black Eagle VTOL M600/A fighters and twenty-four members of their ground force, the Raptors, with their massive 180 pound war dog, Bear. May God have mercy on the terrorist's souls, because the Black Eagle Force will not. Thrills, action, danger, treachery, romance, tragedy and surprises! It's all in Black Eagle Force - Sacred Mountain. You never saw us. This never happened. We don't exist. We are the Black Eagle Force.
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