My Twin Sister And Me: A scout always does her best! / Emiliya Ahmadova, Kathy Ree,

Book Cover My Twin Sister And Me: A scout always does her best!
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/ Emiliya Ahmadova, Kathy Ree,
Publisher: Women's Voice Publishing House
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Glue on the windowsill and toothpaste in the shoes. Who did the deed? 
  • Twelve-year-old Cub Scout twins Julieta and Rafaela have to deal with their older sister's ugly tricks, which get them into trouble. 
At school, Julieta is being mocked for the freckles on her face and her crooked teeth. Forgetting her own plight, however, she stands up to a bully, Claudius, in order to protect her friend Montano from being persecuted. Out of kindness she agrees to go to the movie with Montano. Due to situations beyond her control, it ends up being an embarrassment in more ways than one. However, once again, she stands up for Montano. 

  • Another time, their Uncle David surprises the family by flying from his home in the US to Caracas for a visit. His visit causes worry; something is wrong. Julieta faces her fears in order to save her ill uncle in the middle of the night. After saving him, she becomes a hero in the uncle's eyes. 

The Scouts plan to attend a Jamboree in Russia, and the girls get caught up in the planning and carrying out of various schemes to pay for the adventure. 

  • This book not only introduces children to Scouting, but also teaches them values, morals, and faith. My Twin Sister and Me shows how to manage anger, face one's fears, the importance of self-respect, and how to deal with bullying. Above all, it helps kids learn how to show kindness to others. Oh--and very importantly: how to have fun
Why readers are hooked by The My Twin Sister And Me:

  • 'This is a very interesting story, the sort of story that could take place anywhere. For any young girl between nine and thirteen years old (the age range for this book) who is having trouble dealing with adolescence, or thinks that no one can understand what they are experiencing, reading this book is a very good idea. This gets 4, maybe 4.5 stars.'

  • 'Through the eyes of a twin, it tells about real life struggles, particularly how to deal with bullying in school, and how to become a better person. '​​

  • ​'This tale of teen angst, girls growing up, faith and Scouthood has a serious side, with a sick uncle, shortage of money, questions of faith in a good God when good people are ill, and the desire of a girl to be good. Black and white illustrations add convincing faces to the characters and enhance the old-world feeling of this very modern-world tale.'

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