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The fifth generation of wireless access technology (5G) is facing a daunting task of meeting constant demands for higher data rates and system capacity, as well as wide range of applications and users’ quality of experience (QoE) requirements. Although not standardized yet, 5G technology is expected to offer significantly higher throughput than long-term evolution (LTE), have a latency in the low milliseconds and be able to accommodate and support the anticipated explosion in the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. New device types (e.g. probes, meters, sensors, actuators) will significantly contribute to traffic increase and new market sectors will bring new priorities (e.g. critical infrastructures).

This book is a comprehensive overview of the present state of 5G. Explaining everything from the most likely use cases, spectrum aspects, and a wide range of technology options to potential 5G system architectures, it is an indispensable reference for academics and professionals involved in wireless and mobile communications. Global research efforts are summarised, and key component technologies including D2D, mm-wave communications, massive MIMO, coordinated multi-point, wireless network coding, interference management and spectrum issues are described and explained. The significance of 5G for the automotive, manufacturing, energy, retail and healtcare sectors is addressed, as is the relationship between IoT, machine type communications, and cyber-physical systems.

This book equips you with a solid insight into the evolution, architecture, network stack protocol, application, and of corse the challenges and future scope and prospect of 5G.
Featured With:
● 5G Architecture Design
● Machine Type Communication
● Small Cells for 5G Mobile Network
● Low-Power Networking
● 5G Radio Access Technologies
● Security in 5G Communication
● Applications and Use Cases

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