Feminizing Men: A Guide for Increased Joy in Crossdressing / Deloto, Barbara

Maximizing the joy of crossdressing?

Do you crossdress from a male to a female? Or is there someone in your life who does? If so, how about taking it up a notch? Increasing the pleasure and the amount of time doing it? This isn’t about how to dress or how to become feminine. We have a book on that, and there are plenty of other resources too. This is how to increase your joy in crossdressing as much as possible.

Whether you’re a woman with a boyfriend or husband whom you want to become feminine—because of what it will do for them or you or your other boyfriend—or whether you’re a sole practitioner who loves the hobby and would like to have ideas on how to reap more delight from it, this book can help.

A woman who gives this book to a male will be making a statement of how much she loves him and wants him to be her special person.

A sole practitioner of this hobby who takes this book to heart will be doing an act of kindness and respect for her inner girl that says, I love who I am when I’m feminized, and I deserve to take care of her.

Maximize the joys of being a male-to-female crossdresser and increase the gratification, satisfaction, degree of sensuality, and amount of time you have to enjoy it in this quick but thought-provoking short read. This is a guide that will help feminized men—husbands, boyfriends, sissies, those in female-led relationships, or cuckolded males who are feminized. Give it as a gift for them or buy it as a gift for yourself.

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