Pete Buttigieg: An Unofficial Concise Guide to the 2020 Presidential Candidate / Morrison, Tyler J.

Pete Buttigieg seeks to make history as the youngest U.S. president ever elected. He'd also become the first openly gay president in U.S. history. This 55-page guide will help you learn if Buttigieg is the right candidate for you to support throughout the race and in the Democratic Primaries.

This guide has been newly revised/edited as of April 6, 2019, and is now 55 pages long. It includes a close look at:

-Pete Buttigieg's Timeline (includes personal and career highlights).
-Where Pete Buttigieg stands on the issues (everything from his viewpoint on health care and immigration to his opinion on the Electoral College is included).
-How to pronounce his last name. 
-His religious beliefs and familial heritage. 
-Buttigieg's take on how to win over voters in 2020.
-A 1st quarter fundraising analysis.
-Buttigieg on Buttigieg.
-His favorite books.
-Resources for learning more.

Once a 16-page primer, this 55-page guide now also features an insightful look at the major controversies throughout Buttigieg's political career and presidential campaign. Go beyond the headlines and out-of-context quotes to discover a more nuanced look at:

-The Hillary Clinton Controversy
-1,000 Homes in 1,000 Days
-Demoting South Bend's Chief of Police
-Gentrification Fears
-The 2015 'State of the City' Address. 

Whether you're simply looking for information, sitting on the fence, or already firmly committed to supporting Pete Buttigieg, this guide will make it easy to access some of the most important details about his past, his present, and his plans for the future.

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