After Windrush Scandal: British Government Broken International Law in Shocking History Revelations / Baptiste, Errol

Book Cover After Windrush Scandal: British Government Broken International Law in Shocking History Revelations
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/ Baptiste, Errol
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Errol Baptiste have written this title book After Windrush Scandal British Government Broken International Law in Shocking History Revelations just 5 years ago back in April 2014, just before his 50th Birthday in reference on the cruel policy of British Government's hostile environment by assaulting the rights of non-white immigrants. The Windrush Generation were British subjects also born in a British colony were invited by the British Government to come and rebuild the country after the Second World War. In addition, the British Nationality Act of 1948 was granted in law the right to enter, work and settle in Britain to all Colonial and Commonwealth Citizens.There are eleven also gave very clear detail evidence starting from Hostile Environment is a breach of Human Rights and International Law that includes additional areas Windrush Scandal has Lifted the lid on the Hostile Environment Policy, British Government is Violating International Law by Using Hostile Environment, plus Home Office Knew Windrush Scandal Breached International Law also pointed out High Court Described Immigration Removal Notice Window by the Home Office Unlawful. Furthermore, British Government Hounding Commonwealth Citizens Breaches the United Nations Charter along with other story revelations that The Windrush Scandal also Exposed the British Government Broken International Law that includes further evidence Windrush Generation Members Unlawfully Detained, or Deported by British Government Contravenes International Law.According to ITV News just one year ago on April 16, 2018, Windrush Generation Being Subjected to 'Cruel and Inhumane Treatment by British Government' who came to Britain from the Commonwealth Caribbean countries just 70 years ago.In addition, the Parliament's Home Affairs Committee in Britain has blasted the Government and Home Office's treatment of the Windrush Generation by denying them their rights who came to Britain over the past 25 years from Commonwealth countries between 1948 and before 1973. The Government is using the hostile environment policy by misclassified the Windrush Generation as illegal immigrants despite they were legal residents for decades arrived as children on their parents' passports were British subject born or from a British colony.British Government's Hostile Environment Policy Breaks International Law by failing to comply with the United Nations Charter related on the 30 Articles and Paragraphs of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights also British Government Must be Accountable for their Own Responsibilities Contravening International Law that includes discrimination and hostility, which was linked to the hostile environment policy that led to the Windrush Scandal on April 17, 2018.Amber Rudd was forced to resign as Home Secretary just 12 days later on April 29, also misled Members of Parliament by denying the information that the British Government did not have targets for removing members of the Windrush Generation as illegal immigrants. According to a leak memo, the Guardian says by quoting from the memo report the Home Office Department has ''set a target of achieving 12,800 enforced returns in 2017-18' also boast that 'we have exceeded our targets of assisted returns.'''It also concluded the British Government and Home Office Department further breached the United Nations Charter on the 30 Articles and Paragraphs of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by contravening International Law, which the Windrush Generation members were detained unlawfully and deported illegally based on the Home Office using its policy whims of using the hostile environment based on different skin colour, race, culture background and ethnicity.
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