Crime Scene Investigation, Second Edition / Jacqueline T. Fish, Larry S. Miller, Michael C. Braswell,

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/ Jacqueline T. Fish, Larry S. Miller, Michael C. Braswell,
Publisher: Anderson
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ISBN-13: 9781422463314

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Crime Scene Investigation provides an innovative approach to learning about crime scene investigation. The users will find a comprehensive introduction to the field of investigation. The book walks the reader through steps of the crime scene investigation from the first response to the documentation. The text also emphasizes the importance of a careful scientific investigation by exploring the different components of a crime scene, such as location of fingerprints and palm prints, trace evidence, firearms, tool marks, and document evidence.

The book has 15 chapters, which describe the scientific approach of crime scene investigation: first response, documenting the crime scene, fingerprints ad palm prints, evidence such as trace and impression, body fluid, blood spatter, firearms and toolmarks, and arson and explosives. The text also illustrates and discusses investigation of electronic and vehicular crime scenes, death, forensic anthropology, odontology and entomology, and the methods of documenting the actions of the CSI. The book also features photographs and graphics that complement the text material, as well as fictional narrative to provide a qualitative dimension of the crime scene experience to the readers.

The book is written for students, beginners, non-experts, and professionals in the criminal justice field.
  • Dozens of photographs and illustrations supplement the text
  • Includes key terms, discussion questions and a glossary
  • A chapter-by-chapter fictional narrative provides a colorful look at a crime scene investigation

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