A Plymouth Pilgrim: William Bradford's Eyewitness Account of the Mayflower Passengers / Donald W. White, William Bradford,

Here is the dramatic true story of the Plymouth Pilgrims as told by an eyewitness to their lives: their persecutions, secret meetings, angry negotiations, religious disputes, savage storms, kidnapping and sabotage, fear and faith, and their desperate struggle to survive. This is William Bradford's own story--the Plymouth Pilgrim thrust into the leadership of a struggling colony. His 400-year-old story is now carefully paraphrased for twenty-first century readers.

* A timeline of crucial historical events leading up to the Plymouth settlement.
* Chapter questions for study, discussion, and reflection.
* Maps and illustrations unique to this book.
* Obscure historical references clarified within the text as part of the story.
* The list of Mayflower passengers grouped into families.
* Archaic language paraphrased into a clear, dramatic first-person account.
* Adherence to the content, convictions, and chronology of Bradford's journal.

This fresh retelling of the Pilgrim's true story concludes with their first full year in the New World, thereby encompassing all the events that fascinate us most: from their persecutions in England, to their dangerous ocean voyage, their first encounters with Native Americans, their struggle against sickness and starvation, culminating with their now famous celebration that we call the "First Thanksgiving." 

This is neither patriotic hero-worship, nor politically correct revisionism. This is the true story of Governor William Bradford, with all his faith, fears, and frailties, but retold in modern language so readers may hear his story the way he might tell it today over a hot cup of tea at your kitchen table. 

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