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Not wasting a second, the moving truck with its crew packed up all her belongings, and she finally hit the road away from hell, once and for all. At least that was her plan. Years later; in a new town, with a new job, and a wonderful hot contractor as a husband, an email shakes up the happy life she has manage to rebuild for herself. A life far away from denigrating accusations, cruel demands, and sexual domination. Now her ex Brian has found her, and won't accept anything less than for her to come back home. She needs to come back to him. Come home. She belongs to him. And him only. An anonymous package arrives at their door on a Friday afternoon and the sense of being continuously watched interrupts Danielle and Andy's everyday life. The happily married couple begin to realize who is behind it all, even though seven whole years have gone since that moving truck sped down the gravel road and far, far away. Leaving all trace of Danielle's existence in Brian's life. The night of the restaurant opening downtown will forever be etched in their memory. That was the night they came across Brian inside their dining room. Just waiting for the right time to reappear in Danielle's life. The night when he unleashed his pent up rage and sexual dominance upon her once again. That was the night he took her naked on the table nominating Andy to watch their sexual encounter. All of it. Proving every single inch of her body still belonged to him. There are consequences to aggravating him, and since Danielle is not responding to his demands, he will come back for more. With Brian's unstable personality still on the lose the questions remain: Are they going to stay at their newly renovated house in the south now that he has found her and fight him on their grounds when he returns, or try to outrun this predator once more leaving a tight-knit family and everything they have built together behind? The waiting game has started. When will he be back? What does he plan to do this time? Somehow this nightmare must end, even if it means that someone will get hurt again. Seriously hurt. The questions is just, who is it going to be this time?

Beast of Venery is a autobiographical romantic thriller, based on true events, that follows Danielle fleeing an abusive and domineering ex-boyfriend. With the help and support from her new husband and surrounding family she fights his attempts to contact her and touch her in any way possible to get her back into her life.
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