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The aliens almost destroyed their world 2000 years ago when they escape to their moons and nearby planet for survival. One group either missed their trajectory or flew out of their solar system to parts unknown. Left to fend for themselves on this desolate planet, a split occurred that would enslave the unwilling. Space travel advanced, allowing the aliens to search new civilizations on Mars and for their lost brethren on another planet. When they discover how the descendants of 180 people survived, they are kidnapped by a ruthless leader. What happens when societies have split in different directions? Will they remember their past? In this fourth tale of the Domino series, Jennifer and Robert from Mars, decide to be the first humans in deep space to come with the aliens in their quest of discovery. Soon they realize the dangers involved by contact with another alien society. First their crew is kidnapped until Robert helps his alien friends escape. Then the emperor is murdered and Robert is accused.
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