Fatal Error: Death by Innocence (Saga 7 - Book 3 - Blackhawk Files) / A. Nation

Book Cover Fatal Error: Death by Innocence (Saga 7 - Book 3 - Blackhawk Files)
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In the 25th century, humanoid androids are becoming commonplace but someone wants them destroyed. A nine year old incident comes to light from an incriminating letter left at the police station. Detective Alex Blackhawk is asked to review the incident while he and his team are investigating why the androids are being destroyed. When humans make mistakes, some admit to them and others are blamed. What if the robots are witness to a crime? Will their 'lives' be in danger? Alex and and his wife have been planning their vacation to Mars for a long time. Half way into their flight, a fire occurs near the stored androids, resulting in a death. Now Alex has to go to work. What did the android 'see' to motivate the killer to travel on this ship for its destruction? Every time the murderer tries to erase her crime, a new obstruction looms in her path. Familiar friends and foes become interconnected in this tale of truth revealed, and how death by an innocent can escalate into murder and retribution.
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