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Book Cover Return: There's No Easy Way (Saga 5)
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In this fifth saga of the Domino Series, the story continues with two humans and their new daughter as they head back home to Mars in the alien ship. They have to endure stops along the way at the alien base station and another humanoid solar system. The ex-ruler of Arret, confined for his crimes, escapes, and kidnaps his obsession. With his loyal followers, he steals one of the space crafts and gives chase after the ship with the humans. While a few crew members, left on board try to foil his attempts, Crawling through the air ducts of the ship to escape their captor. The humans alien friends try to avoid contact with the inhabitable planet when they are attacked. A fight soon breaks out between the great ships. A human, trying to have a private moment with with his wife on board the alien ship, encounters the ex-ruler in hand-to-hand combat. Will the humans make it home?
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