Electronica: A dystopian novel of music, dance and revolution / Jessica Benya,

Book Cover Electronica: A dystopian novel of music, dance and revolution
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/ Jessica Benya,
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In a dystopian society where leadership is based on agility and mental capacity, DJ is forced to choose between excellence and mediocrity, between the two men she loves and revolution. 

Sometimes Revolution is the Only Way to Find Where You Belong. 

In the dystopian future world of Vesper everyone has a place and there is a place for everyone. During the Listening the youth of Vesper are sorted into their genre: Classical, Soul, Pop, Rock, Alternative, and Electronica. 

DJ is long past the Listening, but now she must go through the Rounds. How she does will decide her job, her status, and even who her life partner will be. DJ is struggling to make it to the International Rounds where she will be free to determine her own fate. 

But, the deeper she goes into the Rounds, the more she realizes not everything is as she has been taught. DJ must decide if she is willing to risk it all by accepting the help of a group of individuals her society told her didn't exist. 

She must choose between playing it safe or risking it all and join the revolution that will change her and all of Vesper forever. 

Find out what happens to DJ as she takes her fate, and the fate of her entire society, into her own hands. 

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