Quest for Second Sex / Paul Shona

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/ Paul Shona
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Paul’s brain seemed wired to think of sex, and sex alone. He was twenty-nine years old, and still hadn’t had sex with a woman. The waiting game was becoming harder and unbearable. At age twenty, Paul met Shila, his dream girl, at Delhi University. He not only fell deeply in love with her, but also thought he had found the woman to satisfy his lust. Shila, who firmly believed in remaining a virgin until marriage, allowed Paul to have oral rather than conventional sex with her. Paul left Shila after qualifying for a meagre scholarship to pursue higher studies at British universities. At Manchester University, he now was mingling with girls with no strict adherence to remain virgin until marriage. But Paul had to control his sexual hunger, first, to succeed professionally, and second, for lack of money to entice girls for sexual indulgence. Paul met Lisa, a young teacher from Rome, earning a degree in the English Literature at the University of Bristol, where he also had tenured to teach and pursue his doctorate. Lisa was totally infatuated with Paul, always keen to have sex with him, again, oral only - because of her strict religious upbringing. As Paul prepared to leave Bristol for a job in Ottawa, he learnt that Shila, who had recently married under parental pressure, had left her husband to pursue further studies in North America. Now that Paul had a good-paying secured professional job, his hunger for sex had sky-rocketed. He wildly hooked-up with a variety of girls including virgins and a nymphomaniac, to satisfy his long suppressed lust. These sexual hook-ups, mostly transitory in nature, left Paul more hollowed and wanting of deeper sexual satisfaction that only Shila could give him. Did Paul ever find Shila? Could she give him the sexual satisfaction he hankered for? What was Paul’s secret to bringing women to ecstasy that they kept chasing him for more and more sex? Did Paul ever finish his quest for second sex? Read on … … Warning: Contains explicit description of sex.
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