Utopian Ambition: Constitution of the 2100 Atlantian Republic / Tiago Lameiras

Book Cover Utopian Ambition: Constitution of the 2100 Atlantian Republic
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/ Tiago Lameiras
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This book is divided in three different parts: first, a national consolidation. This means that, as long as we keep turning our backs on each other and ignoring the fact we are all worthy of a dignified life as a dominant species, progress will never become achievable. Second, when everyone is able to live a life worthy of human conditions, there will come the time for Transhumanism to prevail. Most people do not realize we have been transhumanizing our bodies for decades. Third, we are already looking into outer space for the so-called exoplanets, similar to Earth in their atmospheric and geological composition, which makes it not so surprising that we may be looking at the home to someone else. Whether we will find humans or not depends entirely on the planetsí history, but what if you were told you could find dinosaurs all over again, your mirrored image of the human being you are, or both? We were born late enough to see the turn of a new millennium and thus become the Children of Tomorrow.
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