Fell in Love with a Bad Guy / Nicole, Ms. T.

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/ Nicole, Ms. T.
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With dreams of attending Clark Atlanta University’s MBA graduate program coming true, Ariel sets off to the windy city Chicago to surprise her father, Pharaoh and grandfather, Con with the good news. Unfortunately for Ariel this didn’t turn out be the fun, exciting road trip that she was hoping for due to the incident that changes her life forever. After losing the love of his life, Nancy, who died giving birth to Ariel, Pharaoh refused to let his lifestyle affect his daughter in anyway. His named held weight in the streets and up until the kidnapping of his baby girl, he had yet to been tested. Facing the ultimate test, Pharaoh sets out on war path to find Ariel and handle who was responsible for taking her; leaving a trail of bodies behind. How could the one responsible for holding her captive, be the one to capture Ariel’s heart? After realizing who Ariel was, Eric knew things would end one way; With him in a box. He was willing to accept his fate until, he fell in love with her. Keeping Ariel safe is easy but giving her up would be the hardest thing that he ever had to do. Ariel fell in love with a bad guy but can their love survive the war?
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