The Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook: Wizard Training: Black and White Version / Michael Gonzalez,

The First and Only Complete Harry Potter Spellbook (200+ Spells)

Do you love Harry Potter?

Do you wish you could cast spells like Herimone, or Harry?

Now you can.

The Harry Potter Spellbook: Wizard Training brings together all the spells from the Harry Potter universe with everything you need to cast and reference each spell with ease.

You will find Harry Potter spells you know and love such as Avada Kedavra, as well as spells you may never heard of before such as Ducklifors which is a transfiguration spell that transforms the organism into a duck!

This Spellbook Contains:

  • Over 200 Harry Potter spells (including unique spells seen in the books, movies and games)
  • Pronunciations for each spell to recite each spell perfectly
  • Wand movements to make each spell come alive
  • Extra notes, as well as more information on the more difficult to understand spells
  • Beautifully designed pages with carefully placed inkblots to look like an actual wizard spellbook

Whether you’re looking to explore new spells from the magic of Hogwarts, perfect your wand movements or simply to reference any of the Harry Potter spells this is the book for you!

Praise for The Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook:Wizard Training

"I’ve always been a fan of Harry Potter for as long as I can remember and this is an amazing book." -Gabby Fetters
"The book had incredible illustrations on nearly every page, showing how to cast each spell. Even better, the font made it look as though it was written with a quill- which makes it seem way more like it's an actual spell book." -Dallastx
"My son says it's awesome! He loves that is has all the spells. He just wishes the spells would work on his wand." -Kim KG

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