Apryl's Fools: A twisted romance novella / Erin Lee

One woman and the five men who loved her. It didn’t sound so unusual. The only problem? They were all, and currently, married to her. Meet the fools: Our wife is a lot of things. I’d waste the day and even more time if I attempted to list them. But the one thing she isn’t is a quitter. To her, divorce is failure. It’s taken more than a year and a shit ton of therapy with Dr. Nora Cunningham to figure out that Apryl is a love addict and, frankly, so am I. In the end, it’s neither here nor there. I just need Apryl to sign those papers so I can move on with my freaking life. It doesn’t make it easy that I just can’t seem to shake her. – Ethan Someone ought to erect a warning sign. I’d do it myself, but it’s not like anyone from three states away would even listen to me. I’m the fool who fell for it first. And Apryl? Well, she’s just plain tricky. – Ray I wasn’t exactly in a great state of mind when I met her. I was convinced I’d spend my life alone. I’ve never been lucky in love. That saying about the nice guy finishing last should have had my name on it. – Bobby Those huge black eyes, which sucked me right in. Like black holes, I lost myself in them every time she looked at me with the stupid pouty lips. – John Why is she even talking to me? I could never get a woman like this. - Kevin
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