The Notorious Adventures of Lynn and Percy (A coming of age, back in the day junt!) / Cherida Franklin,

Book Cover The Notorious Adventures of Lynn and Percy (A coming of age, back in the day junt!)
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/ Cherida Franklin,
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I gotta stop! She begins yelling to herself, but her body is not stopping even though she is saying no. Her mind is telling her its okay, you will stop at the right time, but her body is telling her you can't stop, please don’t dare stop. All she can hear is Momma and Granny saying, “It’s just sinful.” “A man don’t want no whore! Is you a whore? You is a sinful fast tail gal and gonna get knocked up wit a little bastard.” “I ain't bouncing no little black bastards,” continues ringing in her ears loudly. Lynn is a statistic waiting to happen and so is her best friend Percy. Trying to be sneaky and secretive with Percy is the only thing that seems to make life worth living and of course her relationship with Mike, if she could only be sure there is still a relationship. Coming of age during the 80's, always fighting and in poverty, abuse, alcoholism and drug infestation is bad enough. Being raised by broke, selfish Momma makes matters worse. How can Lynn be what she wants to be with Momma dogging her every waking moment about "NO PENETRATION"? What will she do and to what lengths will she go, to keep the love of her life at the age of 17 without it, because like Momma says, she ain't bouncing no bastard babies.
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