Elements of Propulsion: Gas Turbines and Rockets, Second Edition (Aiaa Education) / Jack D. Mattingly and Keith M. Boyer

Elements of Propulsion: Gas Turbines and Rockets, Second Edition provides a complete introduction to gas turbine and rocket propulsion for aerospace and mechanical engineers. Textbook coverage has been revised and expanded, including a new chapter on compressible flow. Design concepts are introduced early and integrated throughout. Written with extensive student input, the book builds upon definitions and gradually develops the thermodynamics, gas dynamics, rocket engine analysis, and gas turbine engine principles. Please note:

In order to make room for new content some materials that appeared in previous editions of the book are now available as complimentary Supporting Materials downloads from the publisher web site. For information on accessing this material please consult page 949 in the back of the textbook.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Review of Fundamentals
Chapter 3 Compressible Flow
Chapter 4 Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine
Chapter 5 Parametric Cycle Analysis (PCA) of Ideal Engines
Chapter 6 Component Performance
Chapter 7 Parametric Cycle Analysis (PCA) of Real Engines
Chapter 8 Engine Performance Analysis (EPA)
Chapter 9 Turbomachinery
Chapter 10 Rocket Propulsion
Appendix A Altitude Tables
Appendix B Gas Turbine Engine Data: Uninstalled Performance
Appendix C Data for Some Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engines
Appendix D Compressible Flow Functions
Appendix E Normal Shock Functions
Appendix F Two-Dimensional Oblique Shock Functions
Appendix G Rayleigh Line Flow Functions
Appendix H Fanno Line Flow Functions
Appendix I Turbomachinery Stresses and Materials
Appendix J About the Software
Appendix K Answers to Selected Problems
Appendix L Air and (CH2) n Properties at Low Pressure
Appendix M Propeller Design Tools

Electronic Supporting Materials
Supporting Material for Chapter 5
Supporting Material for Chapter 7
Supporting Material for Chapter 8
Supporting Material for Chapter 9
Chapter 11: Inlets, Nozzles, and Combustion Systems (Chapter 10 of 1st edition)
Supplemental JANNAF Tables
Software User Guides
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