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/ Ravindra Negi$$Authored By,
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Graphology or Handwriting analysis is the most powerful science of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a person. Your handwriting and signature reflects your personality. It shows how you think, feel and act, what personality traits you posses and what you lack. It shows how you perceive yourself and how you want others to perceive you. It shows whether you have the required traits to make you rich and successful. Change your Handwriting and Signature and become Successful Incorporating changes in handwriting and signature as suggested in the book will actually program key success traits into your personality, simply by changing the way you form certain letters. Just as handwriting reveals clues about our existing personality, we can use that same information to make lasting change in the direction of improvement. Because we already know the specific strokes which identify personality traits, we can use that information to "model" certain strokes to attain the corresponding positive personality traits which will help you to assist you in achieving your dreams. It will improve your Self-Image, Love Life, relationships, self Confidence, Self-Esteem, optimism and removes Procrastination, shyness. It will make you ambitious, increases your value in the society and makes you Rich, Happy and Successful Personality. Changing Children handwriting strokes increases grades, energy and stamina, improves handwriting, memory, concentration, self-esteem, mental clarity, relationships. Makes them honest, removes fears and procrastination. Mind is our most powerful asset and all these changes occur deep from within - from the Subconscious Mind.
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