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/ V. C. Sanford
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After five years at Sea, Alexander Baldric and Aryhmaxx Stoneshield looked forward to beginning the next segment of their life; as masters of their own freight hauling company. Unbeknownst to Alex; locked deep within his mind are secrets…secrets many are willing to kill to discover. Upon returning to Alliance; the city of his birth, the teenagers determination is put to the ultimate test when the newly discharged men cross paths with a beguiling young mage, guarding a secret of her own; and a reclusive Shii Lakka healer. Forced to face the disturbing facts of his own past; Alex is pressured by his uncle to piece together the clues necessary to uncover the truth behind the family secret. In an unexpected twist on the classic quest; a random crossing of the weaver’s threads sends the four teens into a dangerous journey underground; through a land scoured bare by uncontrolled magic and ominous creatures. The search is beset with danger as two other groups of seekers join the hunt; each determined to locate the treasure by any means necessary. And then there’s Izabal…
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