In Your Hour Of Grief: When Mourning the Death of a Loved One / Jocelyn Soriano

Book Cover In Your Hour Of Grief: When Mourning the Death of a Loved One
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/ Jocelyn Soriano
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Grief, particularly the sadness of grieving the loss of a loved one, is one of the darkest hours we could ever experience.  It is something that goes beyond our comprehension,  something so devastating it destroys the most beautiful dreams we have ever had with and for our beloved ones. How does one go on after such a loss? How does one survive the empty vacuum our loved ones have left behind?  Is there any valid meaning we could possibly attribute to death? Let this book be like a comforting friend for you, someone who knows just how painful it is to experience what you’re going through.  I may not be physically with you, but through this book’s comforting words, may you be hugged with a warmth that reaches your heart, soothing the aches within, whispering words of hope and of a renewed sense of connection with that part of you that seemed to have been suddenly lost. This is a short and simple book, but it is a powerfully healing and comforting book.  May you find inspiration and wisdom in it, may you find practical advice, and may you be blessed with a love you will always be able to keep with you even in your darkest hour. “I walked in the garden of life, caressing soft petals here and there. And lo! After a while they were no more, and my heart bled for each fragrant petal that fell. If every flower withers, never to return to its full blossom, then what good indeed is passing by in the garden of life?  Herein lies my hope: That for every flower that withers, another one blooms, one that will remain forever fragrant and fresh, never ever to pass away…”
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