Fuck This Shit - A Journal of Serenity, Gratitude and Sobriety: A Shocking Twelve Step Recovery Notebook - How to Become Happy, Joyous and Free in a World of Shit (Guided Recovery Journal) / Serenity Press, David Daniel


A Journal of Serenity, Gratitude, and Sobriety.

So many sobriety guides speak in soft and gentle terms about life in recovery. This guided, 110-page journal helps you deal with life on life's terms. This is some serious shit we're talking about!

This (somewhat) humorous, always honest, look at life in sobriety walks you through some of the challenges you face as you journey the path of progress (but not perfection, by a long shot).

This notebook will make you smile, make you cry and make you laugh... no, wait, that is YOU making those things happen! This notebook is only the place you captured your wonderful journey! Great for those new to sobriety, as well as those who have been on the path of long-term sobriety.

Just Some of the Shit You Get in This Book:

  • Where To Put Your Shit On The Table - Meeting Information
  • Did I Do That Shit? - Daily Inventory / Amends List
  • Seriously, What The Fuck? - Things to Talk To Your Sponsor About
  • Holy Fucking Shit - Journaling About Spiritual Growth
  • That Shit Hurts - This Too Shall Pass
  • Many, Many More...

Perfect for:

  • Sponsor/Sponsee Gifts
  • Sobriety Birthday/Anniversary
  • Newly Sober People
  • Crusty Old Travelers on the Path of Long Term Sobriety
  • Treatment Centers
  • AA, NA, CA or any other program that helps you get through this shit storm!

Contents and Format:

  • Size: 6" x 9" - Big enough to write easily, small enough to carry easily!
  • Pages: 110 Pages
  • Prompted Journal Entries - some big, some not so big
  • Will Absolutely Work - If YOU Work It.

Keep Coming Back!

Serenity Press - ODAAT

An imprint of New Nomads Press focused on living better through wellness, recovery, and sobriety. We are a group of long-term sober designers who want to help others achieve the quality of life they deserve. If we can be of any service, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We actually think that life is to be enjoyed.

Keep laughing and STAY SOBER!

Fuck This Shit and Have a Good Time!

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