The Athlete's Responsibility Manual / Jeff Janssen

Develop Responsible Athletes who own their choices, decisions, and actions. Need your athletes to take more responsibility for themselves? Wish your athletes would do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how it needs to be done without much prodding and oversight from you? Want your athletes to reliably produce more results rather than a litany of excuses?
Numerous coaches are frustrated with today s athletes' inability to effectively handle their responsibilities. When athletes aren't responsible for themselves, it puts an extra and unnecessary burden on your coaching staff and team, not to mention significantly hurts your program s chances of success.
The Athlete's Responsibility Manual provides a practical, six-module Responsibility Training Program for your team. It is the much-anticipated prequel to our highly popular Team Captain's Leadership Manual and is presented in the same bite-sized, interactive, athlete-friendly workbook format. It can be easily implemented with your entire team over the course of six modules - and is especially effective for those athletes who struggle to take responsibility for themselves.
Your athletes will learn, practice, and master the 6 HABITS OF RESPONSIBLE ATHLETES including:

1. Take Charge of Your Choices

2. Make Helpful vs. Hurtful Choices

3. Discipline Yourself So Others Don't Have To

4. Control the Controllables

5. Own and Learn from Your Mistakes

6. Follow Through and Finish the Job

By adopting these six critical attitudes and actions, your athletes will set themselves and your team up to achieve high-level success on and off the playing fields and throughout the game of life. Plus, it takes much of the burden off of you to have to continually monitor and motivate them.
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