Literacy in Grades 4-8: Best Practices for a Comprehensive Program / Cecil, Nancy L.

Book Cover Literacy in Grades 4-8: Best Practices for a Comprehensive Program
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/ Cecil, Nancy L.
Publisher: Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers
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Comprehensive yet succinct and readable, this book offers a wealth of practical ideas to help preservice and practicing teachers create a balanced and comprehensive literacy program while exploring the core topics and issues of literacy in grades 4 through 8. It addresses teaching to standards, including the Common Core State Standards; differentiating instruction for readers and writers; motivating students; using assessment to inform instruction; integrating technology into the classroom; working with English learners and struggling readers; and connecting with caregivers. Selected classroom strategies, procedures, and activities represent the most effective practices according to research and the many outstanding classroom teachers who were observed and interviewed for the book. Literacy in Grades 4 8 will give teachers the practical skills they need to motivate today s diverse learners. In the third edition, we have added and expanded coverage of many topics. You will find:(1) Added material connecting the Common Core State Standards to the instruction and assessment of literacy skills. (2) A combined word study and vocabulary chapter to help readers integrate these important topics in their teaching. (3) More on technology, including comprehension of multimodal texts, enhancing writing instruction with technology tools, and teaching activities with an added technology component.(4)Added discussion of teacher techniques during text discussions, strategic moves that help students become more strategic readers.

Other key features include: (1) In the Classroom vignettes. Chapter-opening scenarios offer glimpses of authentic classroom instruction and demonstrate how real teachers address chapter topics. (2) More than 50 activities, some with a technology component, allow readers to implement the strategies they encounter in the text. (3) Pedagogy, including questions for journal writing and suggestions for projects and field-based activities. These help readers make the connection between theory and real classroom practice and also stimulate lively discussion. (4) Troubleshooting sections. These offer alternative suggestions and activities for those middle-grade students who may find a particular literacy focus challenging.
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