Health - Wealth: 9 Steps To Financial Recovery / Dr. Josh Luke Futurist

America's Healthcare Affordability Authority, Dr. Josh Luke, Is Reviving American Businesses
By Sharing Tactics to Reduce Healthcare Spending.

Healthcare is the only uncontrollable cost in your business.
Year after year, hyperinflation in healthcare
spirals out of control with no end in sight.

Until now.

Dr. Josh Luke is a former hospital CEO, industry
disruptor, and award-winning healthcare futurist
who breaks down America’s complex and greed-ridden
healthcare delivery system. Health-Wealth:
Is Healthcare Bankrupting Your Business is the guide
to understanding how your company can provide
enhanced, personalized, and specialized healthcare
options for your employees, while at the same time
reducing overall spending on healthcare. Don’t let
healthcare bankrupt your business―in Health-Wealth
you will be exposed to nine simple, key steps that can
transform your company. As a healthcare industry
insider, Dr. Luke exposes the under belly of the
healthcare delivery system and provides you with
tactics that could ultimately save your business from
millions of dollars in unnecessary over spending.
“Once you see the savings from Dr. Luke’s steps, you will be
disappointed you waited so long!”
―Robert Robinson, Jr.
President Pure Effect Inc.
“Dr. Luke offers priceless business strategy advice to maximize
employee health and minimize spending.”
―Alex Coren
CEO Carepostcard, G20 & Women Business
Enterprise National Council Member
“I am a hospital CEO and healthcare costs are my largest
uncontrollable expense and are unsustainable.”
―Marie Vienneau
CEO of Mayo Regional Hospital
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