If It Weren't For You: Do You Have What It Takes To Forgive? / Dorothea Neamonitos

Book Cover If It Weren't For You: Do You Have What It Takes To Forgive?
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/ Dorothea Neamonitos
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"Dorothea's powerful, raw prose has touched me both viscerally and spiritually." Amazon Reviewer
This beautifully-written inspirational novel delves deep into the repercussions of revenge – how one callous act can change the lives of so many. How even through the pain of bitter truth and hardship, moral dilemma, law and ethics; the hearts of those damaged can overcome the difficulties and endure.
Eleanora cannot believe it – James is nothing what she’d expected to see after six years. He is poor, perhaps homeless. He was off to Oxford - the world his oyster. What went wrong?
Determined to help him – see where life diverted from its course, she finds herself following him, and at the same time, remembering the past as she connects each dot… But there is something, she feels, haunting her deep down. Something, she knows, she had done.
She is about to confront him for the first time when she hears him cry out in the stillness of the night. Before she knows it, she has become an eyewitness to an assault. James is battered unconscious on the ground. What could it mean?
Now, more than ever, she must help. Whatever James is involved in, the need to make amends is more profound. Because James wouldn’t be in this dire situation in the first place ...if it weren’t for her.
This wonderful novel is perfect for fans of Contemporary Romance, with plenty of Suspense, Mystery and Thriller! There is Courtroom Drama and Sleuthing, not to mention great boxing matches, all blended into the forever romantically gothic streets of London! An emotional, captivating read!
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