This Thug Turned My Heart Cold 3 / Nicole, Ms. T.

Book Cover This Thug Turned My Heart Cold 3
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/ Nicole, Ms. T.
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ISBN-13: 9781986595285

What happens when you feel as if all hope is gone and your life is about to come rushing to an end? Well, Ebony felt that way until she was able to escape the hands of the devil she called Deon. Being a man, who was indeed a womanizer, breaking all codes of the streets, Ebony thought her life was over, but she needed to understand that it was only just beginning. After escaping Deon’s torture, Ebony finds herself in an even bigger fight for survival. The physical scars that Deon left behind may take a little time to heal, but the mental torture that’s going on inside her mind, may be something that she may never recover from. Suffering in silence, Ebony finds it difficult to let her guard down and trust Tremaine as she once has, which causes her to do something she never thought she’d do. Tremaine’s stress level tends to rise every day. It seems as though Deon stays ten steps ahead of him. Every time he feels he’s getting closer to locating him, Deon disappears, along with any hopes of ever finding him. But when an unexpected, untrustworthy source offers him help, Tremaine has no choice but to put aside all his reservations and take the help that’s offered so that he can take care of Deon permanently, and hopefully give Ebony a sense of normalcy while helping her to heal. Recovering from injuries of her own, Nancy will set aside her physical pain to do what she does best, support Ebony in her time of need in hopes that she can make a speedy recovery and can be as happy with Tremaine as she is with DeAndre. Nancy isn’t able to enjoy her happiness with her bestie not being the woman she grew up with. Nancy finds that the Ebony that she used to know and love no longer exists, and Deon may have taken more away from her best friend than she realized. As love blossoms for Nancy and DeAndre, Ebony and Tremaine’s relationship is slowly tearing apart. Will Ebony be able to put the piece of her life back together, or has she suffered so much mentally that she’s too far gone? Will Tremaine and Ebony’s relationship survive, or will it slowly fade away? Can Ebony return to a normal life, or is her heart too cold that she remains forever changed? Find out in the conclusion of This Thug Turned My Heart Cold 3.
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