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In today's kitchen, where Teflon-coated skillets and silicone spatulas rule, the most daunting culinary apparatus may in fact be the traditional clay pot. It is difficult to believe that a clay vessel, with an ancestry that tracks back to the Roman Empire, could survive the trials of modern technology. However, with a little special care, the clay pot supplies everything a cook desires: one-pot simplicity, versatility, and results that are simultaneously tender, juicy, flavorful, and lower fat. To teach contemporary chefs the art of clay pot cooking, Reco International, distributor of Romertopf clay cookery, offers The Complete Guide to Clay Pot Cooking Cookbook.

Prolific cookbook author Bridget Jones penned this comprehensive tome. James Duncan provided beautiful photographs of finished dishes. The book also features step-by-step pictures to visually instruct during the cooking process. The cookbook covers every course of a meal with its 100 recipes. Recipes span from a starter of pea soup, to an entrée of jambalaya, topped off with an apple pie puff dessert. Recipes for meat dishes and breads also fill the book's pages. For quick recipe or ingredient searches, the book contains an index. Lastly, the book thoroughly outlines how to care for the clay pot both prior to, during, and after cooking use. The book measures 9-3/4 by 12 inches and weighs 2 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling
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