CIGARETTE SMOKING: What It's Doing to Smokers and Nonsmokers (The Self-help Series) / Dr. Sukhraj S. Dhillon

Book Cover CIGARETTE SMOKING: What It's Doing to Smokers and Nonsmokers (The Self-help Series)
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/ Dr. Sukhraj S. Dhillon
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The smokers who feel idiotic for developing a smoking habit in the first place, the thought of quitting may seem even harder to fathom. But take heart: “Cigarette Smoking: What It’s Doing to Smokers and Nonsmoker” discusses tobacco hazards to smokers and nonsmokers and the use of Breathing Exercises and other natural ways to stop smoking.

Words of warm encouragement are accompanied by multiple proven techniques to conquer the quitters' enemies.

The material is presented succinctly, with good use of tables, and is referenced appropriately. The book consists of six chapters each representing an independent topic: chapter 1, The Habit of Smoking; Chapter 2, Smoke-related Health Problems and Benefits of Quitting; Chapter 3, Stopping the Habit of Smoking; Chapter 4, Smoking, Oxygen Delivery, and Breathing; Chapter 5, Breathing Exercises to Replace Smoking; Chapter 6, One-week Breathing Schedule and other Tips for Ex-Smokers. The chapters precede by introduction and are followed by two Appendices: (1) Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Handle Them; (2) List of Resources and their Programs for Help in Quitting.

Smokers know that smoking can cause lung cancer, heart problems, respiratory ailments-- not to mention what it does to our teeth. This guide to Quit Smoking has the tips, strategies and advice you need to give up cigarettes for good. Learn how to set goals, identify and break smoking habits, choose nicotine patches and medications, design a long-term health plan, find support networks and deal with withdrawal symptoms, weight gain, stress and depression-- without lighting up.

Every individual with smoking habit, and his friends and family members with interest in dealing with the dangers of smoking for smokers and nonsmokers need this valuable book in its collection.

The author of over dozen books, Dr. Dhillon promotes health and not disease. His unique qualifications include advanced degree in life sciences and molecular biology from Yale University in the West, and his earlier education and experience with natural living, yoga, breathing and spirituality from the East. He uses his knowledge to use natural but scientific ways to replace smoking habit with healthy habits.

Here’s a sample of his books that combine Ancient Eastern Wisdom and modern Western Scientific knowledge. These can be searched at Amazon under Sukhraj Dhillon:

1. Dhillon, Sukhraj S. "Health, Happiness & Longevity: Eastern and Western Approach” (ISBN: 0870405276). Harper & Row, USA/Japan Publications, Inc., Tokyo, Japan [1983, revised 2007]

2. Dhillon, Sukhraj S. "Art of Stress-Free Living: Eastern and Western Approach" (ISBN: 1-4137-9506-4). Publish America, LLLP. Baltimore, MD, USA [2006]

3. Dhillon, Sukhraj S. "Science, Religion & Spirituality" (ISBN: 1-4241-1126-9). PublishAmerica, Baltimore, MD, USA [2007]

4. Dhillon, Sukhraj S. "A New Look at Vegetarianism: Its Positive Effects on Health and Disease Control” (ISBN: 1575150298). P P I Publishing, Dayton, OH, USA [1993, revised 2006]

5. Dhillon, Sukhraj S. "Industrial Leaks and Air Pollution: Causes, Cures and Health Concerns” (ISBN: 9997691547). P P I Publishing, Dayton, OH, USA [1987, revised 2007]

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