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Book Cover The Dumb Ass Test: A mind bending impossible quiz game (Interactive Colour Quiz and Puzzle book)
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Dumb Ass? Clearly not! However sometimes this quiz will test you and have you wondering if your brain is temporarily in moron mode.

*Awesome Puzzles & Quizzes* - Test your ingenuity and brains with these tricky quiz questions. An impossible quiz? Not if you’ve got your wits about you.

*Colorful Images* - This interactive brain training quiz is filled with colorful illustrations.

*Interactive Game Content* - Features full interactive navigation and selection. Just click on the correct answer and see if you are right!

*Fun for all of the family* - See who is best at solving tricky quiz questions and puzzles..

If you like to play kindle puzzle games and puzzle books then you'll love this. See if you are a moron or just stupid. Maybe you have the biggest brain in training for this quiz? Don't worry it's not an impossible quiz, just very tricky.

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NOTE: You do not need any additional resources for your kindle or Wifi to enjoy this interactive quiz. It is all self contain in the download and works alone on your kindle.

The Kindle Touch may confuse your touch for a page swipe so you must hold down on your selection for 1 second then the screen will flash. Release finger and press the hand icon to make a selection.

Before you start playing you must remember that this is a QUIZ designed to trick you and test your skills in thinking outside the box. Some questions are simple and others are harder but they are ALL possible. If you answer the question correctly and follow the instructions you WILL be able to complete it in a perfect run.

TIPS: Think outside the box and read the questions carefully. Good Luck!

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