Mobile Apps Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Quickly Creating, Designing and Utilizing Mobile Apps for Your Business - 2nd Edition (mobile application, ... programming, android apps, ios apps) / McCallister, Jonathan

Book Cover Mobile Apps Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Quickly Creating, Designing and Utilizing Mobile Apps for Your Business - 2nd Edition (mobile application, ... programming, android apps, ios apps)
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/ McCallister, Jonathan
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Start Making Your Mobile Apps for Your Business and Increase Your Profits!

UPDATED MARCH 2015 - Download your Copy Today at a Discounted Price of $3.99!
Learn the process of app creation, from beginning to end. By the end of this book, you will understand all the steps that are necessary to go from having that “big idea” to making an app that can actually affect your life, as well as the lives of millions of other people.

This book breaks down the process of app creation into a simple process that just about anyone can understand and follow. Learning how to understand the many jargon words that developers and web experts often use can drive people away who otherwise might seriously stand to benefit from creating their own web apps.

So much more than just a guide to online app creator software (though it definitely covers that topic), this guide is designed to be completely comprehensive, covering every topic, from learning how to code yourself, to discussing the options available to you as you decide on a programming language for your app development, to creating an iterative app design, to how to bring outside help when you need it, and make sure you are getting what you pay for.

App creation is simple, but that does not mean that it is easy. This guide is designed to take a process that can seem absolutely opaque to the uninitiated, and make it into something that is so simple, you can make it happen even if you have a thousand other things to take care of in the course of your workday.

Don’t let app creation become just another headache for you. Make it simple and easy with this guide to mobile app creation from absolute beginning to cash-rich ending.
Here’s a Preview of What You'll Learn...
  1. How to choose a programming language
  2. How to decide when outside help is necessary
  3. What kind of app you want to create
  4. What apps can do for your business
  5. What app design software is available
  6. What level of coding expertise you need to write an app from scratch
  7. The pros and cons of JavaScript, Objective-C, Java, and many more coding languages
  8. Where to turn for professional help in learning more about apps

And much, much more.
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