The Diary (Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Book 2) / Graham Wilson

She holds his diary in her hand. Its contents terrify her, What is the awful tale it tells. She knows she must read it to see what is hidden. Can she bring herself to do so. She hides it away and passes responsibility to another.

A fisherman finds a unidentified head in a waterhole in Northern Australia. What first appeared to be a crocodile attack turns into murder. Who is this man who no one seems to know.

Susan returns to England, pregnant.after her escape, now engaged to another man . Her past returns to haunt memories and dreams. The diary of her former lover may decide the child's fate.

This book It follows the consequences of the actions which conclude the first book, Just Visiting, where Susan an English backpacker comes to Australia, gets caught in a terrifying relationship and barely escapes.

She carries this man's child but another glittering relationship beckons. Her future seems bright.

But slowly and inexorably the truth of what really happened in Australia emerges. The police have her photo. They are closing in on her identity.

It seems to Susan that the malevolent spirit of the crocodile which pursued her in the first book is slowly taking her over. She must make yet more terrible choices in order to save herself and her sanity and avoid another betrayal.
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