Blairsden...Nun Worthy / R.T. McDermott

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/ R.T. McDermott
Publisher: Robert T. McDermott - Cant Look Publications
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ISBN-13: 978B01CRJSRG9

In 1968, two young boys, Andy Gratton and Clay Ortmann discover a horrific, dark secret about an order of creepy clandestine nuns they deliver groceries to. After a frightening warning to stay far away from the ominous Blairsden on the mountain from the deranged, weird town recluse; "Thatcher", the boys take no heed, and witness a horror that would change their lives forever. Soon after, twelve (12) kids mysteriously drown in the large, murky lake behind the estate. The nuns cryptically vanish. Generated from his hands on revelation, Andy makes up a scary campfire story just to impress a girl. A story that would become a popular urban legend, even 36 years later in the high school he's now a well-liked history teach at.
Nightmares prompt needed closure for the emotional plagued Gratton, so he ventures to the dilapidated estate with five of his students, a parapsychologist from N.Y.U. and a renown Native American psychic in what is disguised as a textbook history field trip.

Upon their arrival at the eerie mansion, the strange and paranormal escalate with psychic research, left behind heinous clues of unfinished human sacrifices, a hypnotizing opened portal on the back property that smelled like rotting corpses, demonic dreams, and the manifestations of trapped spirits (good & evil) come to life to those who have the sight. Overwhelmed by his telltale fable unraveling right under his nose, Gratton confides with his long-lost buddy, Clay Ortmann (now a local cop) who is lost in the scotch bottle of sorrows and tormenting memories of which he's kept dead bolted deep in the recesses of his dampened cranium.
Gratton finally reveals that he maybe the original author of the legend of Blairsden that he's covertly concealed since that harrowing day at the front gate.
To the group's soul-busting shock meshed with quasi-dubious surprise, Dani (psychic goth phenom student) also divulges her paranormal communication with a young, aquatic, apparition, possibly one of Gratton's childhood friend who just might be the last (12) drowning victims in 1968.

The teacher's nightmares hint that the Superior Sister Angela might be his real mother - but how? And how do his very words, near verbatim, have the power to come to pass? Students begin to disappear, or more so reappear. Andy grows a psychic sense, but will it help or only facilitate the gruesome demise of all his students and guests? The satanic ritual that began in 1968 (The birth of the original satanic bible) pledged for the blood of its' own. Sealed with the innocence of twelve (12) blood sacrifices within it's twelve chapters, mimicking Christ's number of disciples, but whose blood is required? An epic battle near the end fulfills biblical prophesy from the books of Joel, Daniel and Revelation, and the absolute realization & evidence of the spiritual power around and within us... starting in the flesh.

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