Catastrophic events have occurred throughout the Pacific Ocean in the region known as the Ring of Fire. Scientists, spiritualists, mystics and naturalists strive to find the causes for the Earth imploding, exploding and cracking itself open from the inside. For every conception, perception and religious theism formulated in the thoughts of man, there is the underlying consideration of what is known as pantheism. This is the doctrine that portrays God as the transcendent reality, in which the material universe and living beings are only manifestations. Native American traditions are based on the idea that the universe and all natural objects within have a spirit or life essence. Consider the possibility that these occurrences are not random acts of natureā€¦that they are the indwelling spirits of the Earth portraying their fury at injustices imposed upon them. What if the only way to save their continuance would be by eliminating the things that are destroying it...namely mankind!
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