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"I want to go Viking!"
Thron, Garad, and the other village boys dream of sailing south and stealing riches on voyages of murder and plunder. For generations, fathers return home right before harvest, tell exciting stories, and train their sons to fight so they can carry on their proud Norse traditions. No boy is considered a man until they have fought for their life and slain an enemy.
But the Viking raids are failing. After centuries of endless suffering, the Southlands have learned to fight back. Churches are built like fortresses. Undefended harbors no longer exist.
Most Norse sons don't survive their first Viking, and fewer ships return each year. Thron and Garad's unbridled enthusiasm to go Viking lasts while they strive to prove themselves worthy ... until they actually sail a on dragonship ... and learn the bitter truths that their fathers don't tell their mothers ... or their sons.

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