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/ A. Nation
Publisher: A. Nation Books
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ISBN-10: B0756Q5CNR
ISBN-13: 978B0756Q5CN3

Located in the 25th century on Mars and Earth, these first three SciFi sagas involve first contact with an alien species, technology of living on Mars, a detective tracking his suspect, and family theft. Most agree the red planet is a dangerous place where accidents and murder can occur. Updated 2/26/18
When dominos are stood upon their ends in a row to be pushed to fall, they affect other tiles one by one. One event, affecting another event, can mold and change future progression. We make choices based on what we believe the future outcome may be, and hope we choose the right one.

Similar: Another species of hominins want to meet us in the 25th century. Humans and ahmans approach each other with caution in order to create a common meeting location on Mars. After a failed relationship on the Moon, Alice packs up her cat and catches the next ship to the red planet. Soon she would become embroiled between the aliens and humans when an accident occurs during a tunnel construction, resulting in murder.

Deflection: Those of us not in power are destined to be slaves to propaganda by our leaders and whatever the press deems fit for public consumption. When both become compatriots in decimating their agenda, everyone become the losers in the political game of greed. When three murder cases land in Detective Blackhawk's lap he has to track down his suspect to Mars.

Crossroads: Alice has to return to Earth for R&R. Her cousin, Andrea, discovers some of her vintage items have disappeared. A stranger moves into town and opens an antique shop that takes everyone by surprise.
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