Chris Crossed - an FBoM Novella / Bosso, EM

An FBoM Novella.

A fast paced psychological exploration of the creation of a sociopath. Chris Barnum is disturbed, heartless and what some would call evil. But how did he become the "killer next door?" Was he born to feed on the misery and pain of those around him, or was it his childhood?

Chris Barnum is a sub-character in the upcoming novel FBoM - the Betterment. Get to know Chris and his childhood before the novel is released. How did he learn to manipulate those around him? How did he discover the power of having no conscience? Where did he learn to feed off of the pain and misery of others like an emotional vampire? Was he groomed from a young age to be a wolf amongst the sheep, or was he simply born to be a predator? This novella delves into the backstory and creation of a man you hope you, your daughters, or your friends never come across. Will you walk away from the story hating him for what he is, or pitying him for never having a choice?

You decide...

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