SMAFU - SoulMates: A Sexy Romantic Comedy You'll Never Forget: Find Your Soulmate (Cherisse) / Bosso, EM

SMAFU-SoulMates is a bittersweet, real-life, romantic story of growing apart, growing up, and growing (or not) into the person you always dreamed you could be.

This “prequel” to the acclaimed and much-loved, SMAFU – Situation Married, All F’d Up, can be read as a standalone novel. The characters’ ages, stages, and concerns may be different, but Cherisse is Cherisse and will simply never change, Darling. When she takes you on as one of her pet projects, your life will never be the same.

Jake, a journalist, and Jen, a bestselling YA author, were once the perfect couple, or so Jake thought, until Jen decided she’d had enough.

Twenty. Years. Later.

Marriages built solely on youthful dreams, may not turn out the way we hope. The beliefs we built as children may not hold up as we age, mature and begin to find our own identities: Can you ever really go back home?

This is a story of growing up, realizing what we want out of relationships, and most importantly… what we want out of life. Can divergent paths reunite down the road? Can we re-discover what once set our souls on fire? Can Jake ever learn how to dance? Will Jen EVER get a decent cup of coffee?

But most importantly of all: Will the worldly and shockingly randy ninety-year-old Cherisse develop a blend of tea strong enough to wake Jake up and make him see the light?

Fans of Graeme Simsion (Rosie Project and Best of Adam Sharp), Nick Hornby “Juliet, Naked,” Jonathan Tropper (Book of Joe, How to Talk to a Widower), Nick Spalding’s “Love” series, and Robert Bryndza’s Coco Pinchard books . . . will feel right at home here.
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