Hurt by the Streets, Fueled by Revenge / Nicole, Ms. T.

Hurt by the Streets, Fueled by Revenge
Dominique “Destiny” is hell-bent on revenge after losing the man who was always supposed to have her heart. After working hard in school, Dominique found herself in a position that would not only keep her paid but will lead her to the person or persons responsible for her broken heart.
LaTosha didn’t allow the hood to define her; she’s educated, at the top of her career, and always seemed to be about her coins. When she was presented with the opportunity to take her career to the next level, LaTosha took a chance and is now straddling the fence and deciding on loyalty, vs honesty.
Logan is a successful business official, with a husband who adores her and their child, but when her skeletons that have been buried deep in her closet, slowly start to trickle out, Logan finds herself in a predicament where she has to make the ultimate decision, life or death.
Bruno is a hothead, flashy, and run the streets of Chicago. Taking the head seat at the table was always his dream, and when that dream became a reality, Bruno found out, that staying focus, could mean life or death, but it might be too late for that lesson to be learned.
Facing a life sentence for a murder he indeed committed, Rodney just couldn’t find the light at the end of the tunnel. With no hope of ever seeing the light of day, a break in his trial and a new lawyer changed his outlook; but before he was able to turn up, the death angels slowly started to appear, preparing Rodney for an extended stay in prison.
Friendships are tested, loyalty is on the line, families are torn and broken, and honesty is nowhere in the picture. Find out if money is the motive, or is this all a case of someone being, hurt by the streets, and fueled by revenge.

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