The Pain of A Fatherless Son / Matthew Rakabaele

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/ Matthew Rakabaele
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For years fathers have been irresponsible.They have been leaving
their kids and let them suffer all alone,they let their kids have no
mentor and guider in their lives but that shall end because this
book serves as an alarm to them that they must take responsibility
and be part of their kids' lives.
Generations are being cursed by men on a daily basis,we see kids
dying,and we see kids on drugs and alcohol.They may not like all
that but they engage in drugs because of pain.They all find comfort
in all the wrong places.
The author releases the pain he had over years due to having no
father in his life,but he also warns males out there about the pain
they take their kids through.
It also reveals the tools being used to trap souls into pain.These
tools will not only make you aware of some matters but it will also
increase your sensitivity to matters.According to Matthew
Rakabaele,one needs to put God first in all the matters of life,in
each and every event of life we must learn to tell God to go before
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