The One I Gave My Heart To: A Domestic Violence Novella / Nicole, Ms. T.

Book Cover The One I Gave My Heart To: A Domestic Violence Novella
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/ Nicole, Ms. T.
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In Honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month
“The One I Gave My Heart To”
A Domestic Violence Novella
This story is a remake of my short story from the Anthology “Your Love Was Breaking the Law- Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams: A Scary Thing Called Love” I’ve added to every chapter and extended this short story from 10K to 16K. This is a strong message and I hope that it can help someone.
When it comes to domestic violence, many women suffer in silence, and it was no different for twenty-four-year-old Natasha. When Natasha first met Rome, she thought she had finally met the perfect man. He was tall, handsome, and a successful business owner. Natasha didn’t think that a man like Rome would ever be interested in anything but sex, but she followed her heart and embarked on a journey of what she thought was love.
To Natasha, at first glance, Rome was different from the rest. He was a real gentleman; he was loving, caring, and attentive to all of Natasha’s needs, and he was able to quickly capture her heart. Little did Natasha know, Rome’s love came with a price.
Take a journey through the eyes of Natasha as she navigates through different aspects of her relationship, and find out how high of a price she paid for falling for the wrong man.
Please be aware that this is a short story concerning domestic violence.
For those who have been affected by relationship abuse, those who are currently in abusive relationships, and those who are working to heal; help is just a phone call away. Don’t be afraid, do not suffer in silence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

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