Karma Before Konscious / Queen T

Twin sisters, Karma and Konscious, are complete polar opposites. Karma, the wild child, has experienced her share of hardships and struggles in her short life time. Mentally, physically, and sexual abused at a young age, Karma deals with her distorted emotions by inflicting pain and seeking vengeance on others, including family. Even with the hurt and pain she inflicts, it still doesn’t fill the void of hurt until she lays eyes on Marcus Miller.

Marcus Miller is the first black CEO of Viacom Incorporated. At the tender age of thirty-two, he moved up the ranks and secured his seat within the company. Even with wealth and power, Marcus feels empty and unsure in his marriage to his wife of ten years, Portia Miller. Marcus wants more than his dull wife could ever give him, which causes him to turn to Karma for more than just a one-time pleasurable encounter.

Konscious Jones is the “Golden Child” of her parents. By doing everything by the book, Konscious sacrifices the one thing she loved out of fear. Following the death of their son Carter, Konscious breaks off her engagement and ends all communication with the love of her life Zaire…until now. Zaire Mackins is everything a woman would want—tall, dark, and handsome, and he’s got a super strong hold on Konscious.

Sage Mackins recently came home from doing a bid that could’ve otherwise left his family dead or also in prison. When he leaves unexpectedly to go to prison behind a snitch, neither he or his brother will see what is to follow.

These couples’ karma and ghosts follow them everywhere they go. When people with a conscience go against those with a heart of vengeance, who will survive in this sexy, undercover urban story?

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