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About the Book : This is a Scientific-Horror-Thriller-Suspense-Death-Rebirth-Ghosts, Aghoras and Entertainment Story with Looting, Club, Pub, and Horse Race)

Scientist Shyam invents a formula medicine. If this medicine as per dose, injects to an immediately dead person, such dead person slowly wakes-up and becomes alive. The power of medicine doesn’t long last than an hour initially. Scientist with the support of a Doctor friend Vishal experiments this medicine on a dead body. This experiment becomes successful. Few Souls, Spirits become Ghosts, Devils, and Satans. All these things create trouble to Doctor Vishal. At the Grave Yard, all sorts of dead body scenes becoming alive and become dead. Booth Bungalow scenes, all Aghoras scenes making nonsense at Grave Yard.

Scientist Shyam will be kidnaped by anti-social elements for ransom. Doctor’s Conference takes place. These ghosts, devils and Satans, loot money from various sources and keep the money in Doctor Vishal’s house.There are scenes like club, pubs, Casanova, horse races, gambling places, hotel scenes, where these ghosts, devils and Satans make nuisance and create trouble to all the people. Traffic signal police also were the victims for these ghosts and devil acts. M. Paul Brunton, an American Journalist experiment on Aghoras, is also seen in this story.

Doctor Vishal leaves Atmakur for one month to Varanasi on pilgrimage. After Doctor Vishal’s return from pilgrimage, entire house scene is changed. Everywhere money in gunny bags, Doctor Vishal surprise, becomes aghast. All the ghosts, devils and Satans create lot of nonsense and trouble. Even at hospital, these ghosts and devils create trouble and nonsense to patients.

Scientist is let off free with the Police help. The Scientist invented formula sold to one Pharmaceutical Company. These Souls, ghosts and devils leave the Doctor Vishal, with a view to go back to their Souls World for reincarnation and says good-bye to Doctor Vishal and Scientist Shyam. All the villagers happy. Grave yard shifts to outskirts. Doctor makes his hospital a multi-speciality hospital.Scientist and Doctor perform their daughter’s marriage.

About the Author : Mantri PragadaMarkandeyulu, Bachelor of Commerce (B Com), Diploma in Business Management (DBM), Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA), Diploma in Computer and Commercial Practice (DCCP) is the Author and Writer.

He has written English Lyrics for making fully composed tunes to Songs, around 155 songs (lyrics) + 330 Quotes in English (each Quote is in 8-10 lines). Also, he has written 400 Haiku Poetry. He too has written Hindi Song Lyrics 37 and Telugu Song Lyrics 35 and all are useful and utility for Movies/TV serial purpose and also for making Song and Music Album. 25 Stories in English.

He is a retired Officer from PSU and a permanent resident of Hyderabad-500062 Dist: Rachakonda, (TS) India.

His special ebooks are, (1) ENTANGLEMENTS (consists of 20 short stories in English) (2) MARK’S QUOTES (325 quotes) (3) THE DEAD, DOCTOR AND THE GHOST (For Movie/TV serial purpose) (4) NGO (Systems and Procedures), (5) My Flower to your Heart , Derailed Mission, My Darling, Wings of Love, Fraudulent Husband, Shattered Affection, What I can do in my life, etc. And other Short stories, What I can do in my life, etc. And other Short stories, all useful for making movies. All useful for making movies. Two Telugu Stories (1) Top Cop Rani, IPS (Telugu) (2) JeevamStory (Telugu) are ready for publishing. English Stories Lady Police and the Dead, Doctor and The Ghost, are useful for Movie making purpose.
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