I Need A Goon To Love : A Valentine’s Day Love Story / Nicole, Ms. T.


“You need a good man with a good job to make you happy.” The words of Jessica’s mother were etched deeply in her mind and was the force that guided her throughout her life.

Seeing how her mother was able to marry a man that moved them out of the hood and took great care of them, Jessica couldn’t imagine not following in her mother’s footsteps, but marrying well couldn’t give her the happiness that she was seeking. For Jessica, the only man that could keep a smile on her face was her high school crush, Demetrius Franklin.

Being the godson of a well-known street king has its perks. Money, power, respect, and a slew of women that were willing to do whatever he wanted, but having everything handed to you wasn’t exactly what Demetrius A.K.A. Meechi wanted or cared for, neither was taking over his Godfather’s empire. His only desire was the beautiful girl that he was infatuated with ever since he saw her while she was in high school. Always wanting something that he couldn’t have, Meechi thought that love was impossible for him… or is it?

A chance meeting reconnected the two and all the feelings of the past rushed to the surface. The love they have for each other is undeniable, but with the street life pulling Meechi back in, and Jessica’s marriage crumbling, can these two rekindle their love and find a way back to each other and live the life that they both desire?

Sometimes we are coached into having a life that our parents want us to have, but the reality of life is that the heart will long for what it wants and sometimes, we as women, simply want a Goon to LOVE

Happy Valentine’s Day from Author Ms. T. Nicole and Author Ty Leese Javeh

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