Sold To The Kylen Prince / Daniella Wright

I broke the rules and got caught. 
The Kylens know who I am, and now their Lord is very, very interested in me.
The trade is taking place, and I'm being sold to Argath - the most feared and dreaded prince in all galaxies. 

Curiosity killed the cat. Isn't that right? 
Except I never thought I would be that cat.

I look like a mess, shaking and sweating as I'm being arrested and escorted to the negotiation room. 

It doesn't help I may know precisely what's coming up.
I've spent hours reading Kylen romance -my spare time guilty pleasure.
Stories about women being snatched up by warriors and being pleasured immensely... 
The Kylen are notorious for this -they are quite happy to have lots of children.

And what could be too bad about that?

I mean, have you seen these things?!
They are like two meters tall, pure strength and muscle.
I can only imagine the size of...
Stop. Just stop you Jaime. Bad, bad girl. 
Oh God... 

After hours of stressful interrogation, I spot him back there in the shadows.
My eyes meet his, and for a moment we stare at each other. 

"I'm Lord Argath"

I almost fainted. 

"Don't worry, I intend to make better use of you than the humans ever will."

I'm definitely dying.

"You'll receive your first assignment tomorrow"

Uh... what... 

What have I gotten myself into?! 

Sold To The Kylen Prince is a full-length novel with a HEA. 18+ only! 

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