Showaflops Mens' Antimicrobial Shower & Water Sandals for Pool, Beach, Dorm and Gym - Black 11/12 /

Show flops are the first - and most stylish - slides designed to protect feet from all those places that germs might lurk! Perfect for public showers, gyms, steam rooms, dorms, camps, pools, locker rooms anywhere your feet take you! Show flops include unique drainage hole designs, layers & soft, pliable slip resistant soles crafted from a proprietary blend of EVA and rubber that protect you from slips while protecting your feet against mold, fungus & bacteria on floors. Choose a fun design for each family member! Show flops started as an idea born out of a first visit to a daughter's dormitory - the scary showers were too much for this lucky girl's parents to let "slip" by them! The idea was born - they couldn’t wait to get home and work on a solution. They researched foot problems relating to fungus and bacteria, and how to prevent them. . . they tried hundreds of flip flops to see what feels and fits the best. . . they tried dozens of different soles to see what provides the best resistance to slipping on slick surfaces. Then they added holes to improve drainage and speed drying (not to mention the great way they feel under your feet). The final challenge was to make them totally unique looking. With decades of experience in garment design and Manufacturing, Show flops created a flip flop that not only their daughters love, but everyone who tries them on HAS TO HAVE a pair or two. You, too, will love the feel, look, and comfort of a Show flop, not to mention that now you can stay fungus free as well so GET YOUR FLOP ON! ! ! Size Chart: Please use the size chart below to determine the appropriate Show flop size. The bottom of the foot should be measured at the furthest points (heel to big toe) before ordering. Size 7/8 - Foot measurement 10. 5" Size 9/10 - Foot measurement 11" Size 11/12 - Foot Measurement 12" Size 13/14 - Foot Measurement 12. 5"
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