HOW TO LIVE AND DEAL WITH ENEMIES: unmasking the secrets of the enemy / HENRY DUODU

Book Cover HOW TO LIVE AND DEAL WITH ENEMIES: unmasking the secrets of the enemy
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We live in a world surrounded by different people. Some people are very logical in their way of life. Some people are intellectual in their thought pattern and way of living. Some people live the culture if the neighbourhood. They live by the traditions of the community. Others pretend to be your friend but inwardly they have a hatred for your success. It will be very dangerous to live with someone who pretends to be your lover. Inwardly they are ravening wolves. The enemy you allow into your life will destroy you at the end. Most times the enemies are the ones closest to you. They may be your close relatives. You cannot afford to live with someone who desires to destroy your purpose and progress in life. They hijack people in psychiatric hospitals. They never thought a loved one would betray them. Some people have died prematurely by the works of their unknown enemies. I believe God is about to speak to you through this book. It is good to have a positive mindset, but it is more dangerous to do away with the negative side of men. Jesus Christ was positive to his loved ones. When He came near the religious people, He discerned into their thoughts and faced them to the face. Jesus Christ was positive and negative in all His dealings because He knew what was in man. The ability to discern the voice of the enemy gives you an advantage over the wicked plans they have designed for you. Read for yourself. John 2:24 But Jesus did not commit himself unto them because he knew all men. John 2:25 And needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man. In this book, you will find divine and practical keys that will enable you to discern the voice of the enemy. I have written the kinds of enemies, the ways they operate and how to deal with them. God is about to use this book to help broaden your mind in the knowledge of the Word concerning your enemies.
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