Presumption of Guilt: Southern California Legal Thrillers Book One / Rachel Sinclair

A wealthy family with DARK secrets. 

A SHOCKING reveal that you guaranteed won't see coming...

Avery Collins is an attorney with the tender heart of a warrior for the wrongfully accused, for one simple reason. She was once wrongfully accused, and spent 7 years in prison for a murder she didn't commit. 

Now sworn to protect the indigent accused, she's persuaded to represent Esme Guitierrez, an El Salvadoran refugee who is accused of killing 21-year-old Aria Whitmore. Aria was the daughter of the prominent billionaire hotelier Jacob Whitmore, and was also an aspiring concert pianist and music composer.

As Avery digs further into the case, she realizes that there were some sick games taking place behind the closed doors of the Whitmore mansion, and Avery ends up with more questions than answers. 

What happened to Aria's birth mother? 

How did Julian Rodriguez, a young schizophrenic man, come to befriend Aria? 

And who is sending threatening emails that are filled with facts that are not widely known to the public?

When Avery finds out the answers to these questions, she's shocked. But she also realizes that the big reveal opens up more questions than answers, and the case takes an unexpected turn. 

As time runs out to find the true culprit, Avery faces the trial of her life. Amidst an intense media glare, death threats, protestors and stalkers breaking into her home, Avery nonetheless gives this case her all. 

Because if she doesn't, her client will end up on death row. 

With the lightning speed, twists and turns you've come to expect from a Rachel Sinclair novel, Presumption of Guilt is a legal thriller that is not to be missed! Come and meet your newest favorite badass attorney, Avery Collins, today!

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